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Food reactions in children create tension ans stres in the family.
Food can be the cause of a miserable life, whether caused by a digestive disorder or an immune response. The aim of is to help you understand the conditions and informs you the best way of controlling, treating or perhaps curing them. Click on a category on the left or read the contents below.


Food Intolerance

Often muddled with allergies, food intolerance is a completely different condition. This review explains the symptoms, causes, origins, genetics, prevalence and treatments available to reduce or eliminate the symptoms. Lactose Intolerance is by far the most common food intolerance, but watch out for carbohydrate and fruit intolerance ... more>>>


Food Allergies

Nuts may cause the most frightening of all allergies, but other foods, such as milk, may also cause extreme distress especially to children and their parents. Read about the most common food allergies in adults, children and babies, their symptoms, treatments, prevalence and chances of cure... more>>>

Coeliac Disease & Gluten Intolerance

Also referred as Coeliac Sprue (Celiac) or Gluten Intolerance, it is an inflammatory condition of the small intestine precipitated by the ingestion of wheat. Also explains why so many people suffer from gluten intolerance but are not Coeliac... more>>>

Peaceful baby

Baby Colic

Colic is the name given to the sharp, intermittent abdominal pains in babies effecting around 1 in 4 of all babies. There are several theories of causes and more of how to treat them. However, few know that half of babies baby colitis may be temporarily lactase deficient for which treatment is very easy and efficient... more>>>

Digestive disorders can be very distressing

Bowel Disorders

About Irritable Bowel Syndrome,  the mechanism of the symptoms and when one should seek help from the doctor. Differentiates from LI... more >>>
Details about pancreatitis including symptoms and enzyme supplement information to avoid symptoms caused by undigested lipids and proteins ... more>>>
Range of probiotics for Crohn's disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Ulcerative Colitis... more >>>

Food additves may be the cause of an adverse reaction.

Adverse Reactions

From time to time everyone experiences an adverse reaction to food. However, some people and children have to put up with reactions caused by food additives. Preservatives, colours and many other agents are added  to a vast range of foods and drinks, including sweets, packed food and alcohol.
Food additives... more >>>
Alcohol reactions... more >>>


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Contains a list of important products, grouped according to condition for easy access to help you treat most digestive disorders. Digestive enzymes for intolerance to lactose, food and gluten (coeliac), IBS and food allergies. Several probiotics to help you keep a healthy digestive system, or to help treat digestive disorders. Products for children and not the least Lactase Enzyme liquid for baby colic ... more >>>

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